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StageHD V3 が開始された模様

[StageHD V3 が開始された模様]


実は着々とV3 開始の準備が続けられていました。

StageHD V3


StagaHD V3 の稼働を開始した模様です。

StageHD beta V3

We've decided to go open beta a bit early. Heres a list of things that are working, and not working. Working:

Upload videos(v3)
Upload Avatar(v3)
View profile pages(v3)
Video Manager(v3) - Except for Thumbnail modifying
Friend Manager(v3) - Accept Friends/Friends listed on Profile page
Watch Videos(v2)

Not working or displayed incorrectly:

All commenting in general isn't 100% commenting works on video pages but doesn't look correct yet.
Modify profile, which will be added later today in v3.
PMing system isn't online yet either but should come online soon.
Search - Its offline, because we want to make the best search engine for our own site.

Why are we going open beta so early? The reason is simple. We think our video system is doing really well so far. But we need to see how well it does in a public/full scale scenario.
Upload those videos!

To leechers, We cannot guarantee fast speeds or stability on the site if you abuse our bandwidth.
It'll only make us place more restrictions on the site.
Until we sort out our embed system, please wait and do not embed our files.
Thank you.

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